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Q. What are the qualifications for the scholarship?
A. To qualify for the scholarship, you must:

  1. Attend one of the eligible programs;
  2. Have been a resident of Illinois at some time for a period of at least two years;
  3. Have received A.B., B.A., B.S. or equivalent baccalaureate degree;
  4. Have at least 12 undergraduate hours in History, Economics or Political Science;
  5. Have an undergraduate GPA of B or better.

Q. What schools are eligible?
A. You attend one of four eligible programs:

  1. University of Illinois College of Law – Champaign, Illinois (Juris Doctor)
  2. The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy – Medford, Massachusetts (Master of Arts and Diplomacy Degree)
  3. Thunderbird, School of Global Management – Glendale, Arizona (Master of International Management)
  4.  Paul Simon Public Policy Institute – Carbondale, IL 

Q. What is the amount of the awards?
A. The awards can be up to full tuition. However, the amount of an award varies depending on individual need and tuition costs.

Q. How do I apply?
A. Applications are available on line and currently need to be submitted by mail to the Celia M. Howard Fellowship Fund Chair. All supporting documentation (Official transcripts and letters of recommendation) should be submitted directly to the Committee at:

Fayrene Wright
Celia M. Howard Fellowship Fund Chair
804 East Locust Street
Robinson, IL 62454

Q. What supporting documentation is required?
A. You need to submit three letters of recommendation and OFFICIAL transcripts of all your college work. That includes undergraduate degree as well as graduate level work.

Q. What are the deadlines?
A. There is only one deadline: NOVEMBER 15th. All applications, transcripts and letters of reference need to be to the Chairman of the committee by that date. The address is:

Fayrene Wright, Celia M. Howard Fellowship Fund Chair
804 East Locust Street
Robinson, IL 62454

Q. When are the recipients notified?
A. Awards are announced on or before April 1 each year.

Q. Who do I contact for information?
A. All inquires should be made to the Celia M. Howard Fellowship Fund Chair
Fayrene Wright at 

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